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GOLD LIST - Best Five Online First Person Shooters

Mar 21, 2016 - Online Games / Paid Services - by Diddlemehole There is allot of FPS games around these days they all seem to be badly thought out and follow the same gaming mechanics such as COD and that type of poo poo. Here is the best 5 FPS games that mix it up and give a great experience. (Image used form Arma 3)

Arma 2 View Website

+Shoot, Drive, Fly, Swim, Sail, Skydive, Snip. Man, this is the best shooting game ever, it combines strategy, skill and planning on a massive map (225 km2). The best thing about this game for me any way was Benny Warfare, where there was 2 or 3 teams vs each other, and the mission was to capture the map by destroying each others HQ or capturing the towns. I think this was the golden globe mission for the Arma series. Then you had the spin off of Dayz which i am not really into but looks good. Plus all the mods and SP and MP Missions and Maps created by the players.
-Bohemia interactive are a bit greedy in my opinion, because they make players pay for official maps, campaigns that normal players can do a better job in creating and for free.

Arma 3 View Website

+Looks better then Arma 2 but i think it lacks in the quality game-play of Arma 2 for some reason. Battle royal and Wasteland would be the top mission types for this game. The single player missions and campaign are done pretty good too and weapons look cool and have attachments which is fun. The main map is also bigger but i still prefer Straitis because the map size is just right for me.
-The whole game is very colorful to look at and after a while for me the colors just hurt my eyes. Its a pity they don't have the original Benny warfare for this, i know they have some modified version of MCTI, but it is just not the same. The price for the extensions are ridiculous.

Vietcong View Website

+The single player game was brilliant and the online multiplayer game was even better. Setting traps and shooting that Thompson machine gun and Colt pistol were great highlights of a legendary game.
-I am not a fan of COD type Shootem ups but this was an exception. If i were to play it now i guess the graphics wouldn't be great as compared to some of the games of today.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 View Website

+I liked the other Tom Clancy games especially Ghost Recon but i found the movements to be wooden. This on the other hand took Tom Clancy games to the next level. The movements were top dog and not only is it a much better alternative to Counter Strike, you could hide behind objects and walls and peek over them to shoot in aim mode or randomly without aim. Playing COOP online was the best ever i played and the experience was different each time you played a mission even though you may have played a load of times. The difficulty levels and ranking really helped in milking the play time of this game. Looked great then i am sure it still looks great
-Well i am stuck for words because i don't know what bad things to say about this game. Maybe there should be some more game modes types, ones that aren't generic like CTF and DM.

Operation Flashpoint View Website

+Well if i could i would share this position with Ghost Recon but i cant so i will choose OFP because it was the beginning of an epic series, the arma series i mean, well along with Arma 1. I loved playing the campaign in this game because it was first time i had total freedom to go anywhere in a game and by whatever means was available to me. I think CTF was the number one game mode back then, i remember playing it with my G36 gun, the preferred choice of weapon, that or a steyr august or M16. Zombie missions were cool and scary in this game.
-Looks like poo poo now but back then it was great. Once I started making my own missions and seeing how things worked it kind of took the magic out of the game for me, but thats just me.

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