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Best 5 RPG Games Ever!

Mar 22, 2016 - Online Games / Paid Services - by Diddlemehole Lets take a look at the best role playing games from the 90s to now. Some of these games are kind of old but these are the games I have played and finished, well except FF8 but I seen the ending and I did get my characters to level 99 but I scratched my disc and could not finish it. (Image used from

Final Fantasy 7 View Website

+When I saw the ad for this as a kid I remember my jaw dropping. It was a cut scene of the train from ff7. It was first time I seen an advert for a video game in 3D. Back then visuals looked pretty good even with blocks for heads and hands. The thing that really made this the king of Rpgs is the brilliant storyline, THE MUSIC, a big open world, summon monsters and cool weapons. If you haven’t played this game I recommend playing it, its a classic.
-There was no multiplayer option available but that is because internet gaming wasn’t where it is today. Graphics were quiet blocky looking. I could not kill all the weapons :(

Final Fantasy 8 View Website

+Better visuals and a revamped magic, equipment and summon monster system. The mini card game in this was brilliant. The whole game gave a realistic feeling of being in the gaming world. The music once again was amazing, the characters were cool even though Squall was a bit of a drama queen and looked like a girl.
-The storyline was sorta confusing near the end and the ending was a bit disappointing for me. You ran out of side missions to do once you got close to the end.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time View Website

+The music, the music the music. You can ride a horse!! Open world to explore. Interesting characters and great storyline. Very fairytale feel to it.
-Even though it was an open world it wasn’t that big. Some of the characters looked very annoying, I mean the actual look of them.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion View Website

+Lots of mods. The scope of this game was amazing. The visuals were brilliant. You can learn any class you want from archer to a mage or mix them up. My favourite character was the dark elf because I liked the boost in destruction magic it gave. Also this bit of music in the game, when i listen to it now it brings me back some nice memories of exploring and considering my murderous actions working for the Dark Brotherhood.
-I think the ware wolfs were done much better on Skyrim. After using cheats in mirrowind and obilvion and skyrim the game lost its playability for me, so don’t use cheat :)

Fallout 1 View Website

+I got that game cheap a good few years ago thinking it would be a piece of junk. But surprisingly the turn based game play and stat hit system was kinda cool and new for me. The storyline was pretty good and you did get to like the characters you worked with. Plus you could shoot mostly anyone you wanted. It had a Diablo sorta feel to it.
-Graphics were kinda xcom-y so they were not the best, very pixeled. I think the quests got kinda mixed up and you could not complete some quests because of it.

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