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Top 5 Home Education Reference for Middle Schoolers

Oct 9, 2018 - Forums and Chat / Paid Services Is your child feeling bored? Finding ways to amuse your sons and daughters and at the same time looking for a novel way to learn for them? Here are the top 5 home education references for middle schoolers.

Cywell Wellness in Cyberspace View Website

+After reading this ebook, both parents, teachers and students can spot warning signs of online dangers that may easily be overlooked by regular people. Another plus is its interactive feature
-There's nothing bad about this book.

Math Werkz Money View Website

+Math students can practice counting money through answering the worksheets included in the ebook. This interactive ebook features lessons and worksheets on reading, writing, and counting numbers. It features activities like tracing and matching the numbers and number names, writing teen numbers in the correct order, reading numbers up to 100, and counting backwards.
-You may want to purchase other Math Werkz book series after reading this.

Memory for Kids View Website

+Features fun exercises for boosting memory and sharpening minds of your kids, This ebook is created with engaging colorful animated characters, really helpful instructional videos, fun memory exercises, and interesting facts and trivias, Memory Kids is the eLearning tool/ eBook you should get for boosting memory and sharpening minds of your kids.
-You need to always practice your kid with the activities provided to be able to increase his memory.

ScienceWerkz Collection View Website

+Winner of the EDDIE Award for Science Apps in the Upper Elementary and Middle School categories, ScienceWerkz Collection feature informative videos and interactives to encourage critical-thinking.
-You may need to review your child about the lessons to ensure learning.

Conquer Vocabulary View Website

+To encourage meaningful learning, the eBook is categorised into themes like the classroom, playtime, our neighbours, adventures, etc.
-You need to always practice your kid with the tests given to ensure their language will improve

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