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Free Web Graphics - Here is a list of the top 5 free web graphics. Not many of us have a top of the range photo...

Free Web Templates

Mar 18, 2016 - Website Templates / Free Services - by Lolipopx Here is a list of free web templates. A picture can say a thousand words, so can a website template. First impressions of a website are crucial to attract visitors. If your website has a good look then visitors may consider returning. Not everyone is skilled in designing a great template and merging the correct colors and you don't have to be becasue there are sites giving professional web templates away for absolutely nothing. If you find them useful please use the social bookmarks below to

Open web design - your one stop shop for free templates View Website

+Number of templates: 3,000+
Quality: Very High
Type: Css/html

It's hard to find a website that gives free stuff without strings attached, and this folks is one of them. No need to register an account or sign up for anything, you may download any template from there huge library in an instant.
-It would be nice to see if the templates are mobile friendly becasue mobile is pretty big these days.

Template kingdom - all the templates you will ever need View Website

+Number of templates: 1,000+
Quality: Very high
Type: Css/Joomla/Wordpress

A good selction of templates that look great and the whole experience is well designed.
-There seems to loading issues with the template previews and the site hangs. You need to register a free account to access the templates, but thats all.

1st web - 101 high qulaity css/xhtml templates View Website

+Number of templates: 101
Quality: High
Type: Css/Xhtml/Wordpress

Every template is hand-picked, he picked only those templates he thought were interesting in code or really exceptional according to standard layout
-Some may find it difficult to distinguish between wordpress and normal tmeplates, lack of info in that department

Clan templates - a selection of games/clan templates View Website

+Number of templates: 50+
Quality: High
Type: Css/html/gaming

If your out to set up a clan website, these guys have a few gaming templates that you might like
-Some templates seem unfinished and i wonder if they are mobile friendly which would be a big plus if they are.

Best free templates - for the best free templates View Website

+Number of templates: 26
Quality: Very High
Type: Css/html

A well made website thats easy to navigate through.
-Not as many templates as the sites above, but the templates are top quality. Some of the templates are not free.

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