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Free Web Graphics - Here is a list of the top 5 free web graphics. Not many of us have a top of the range photo...

Good Free Website Directories

Mar 17, 2016 - Website Directories / Free Services - by Lolipopx Directories are a key source for increasing backlinks, some directories charge a price for this service and others allow you to submit website links for free. All good free directories have the following characteristics, they review submissions and supply submission guidelines. Directories full of spam links isn’t going to be helpful to the directory or the websites listed in them. The on page SEO needs to be at a good standard and listings should be do follow. [Updated]

Amray Web Directory View Website

+Type: Free/Paid
On-page SEO: High
Backlinks: 4,120
Age: 10 Years
Page Rank: 4

This directory has been around for a while and has kept there listings spam free for 10 years. You can get a quailty backlink here and there premuim listing doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Well mantianed unique directory.
-It isn't mobile friendly. Allot of viewers may use mobile devices and may not bother with websites that do not fit their screen.

Dmoz Website Directory View Website

+Type: Free
On-page SEO: High
Backlinks: 832,000
Age: 12 Years
Page Rank: 8

The famous directory that is dmoz. This directory is wrothy of being number one of this list but it's not. Google uses this directory as a reference hence its popularity. Provides a quailty listing that actually provides a trickle of traffic and the poteneial of getting more backlinks due to other new directories copying dmoz categories and listings.
-Very hard to get listed here, advice given to people trying to get added is to, submit and forget about it, it is only a directory afterall. Maybe over hyped but still one of the best.

Txtlinks Directory View Website

+Type: Free
On-page SEO: Low
Backlinks: 564
Age: 13 Years
Page Rank: 0

Great domain name. Simple layout, mobile friendly with basic colours that work well. It looks like they are actively accepting websites. They seem not to have any website detail page so all links are direct, which is either a plus or a minus depending on how you look at it. Links are dofollow. There paid option is reasonably priced.
-I would not call this directory family friendly. They have a problem with spammy descriptions when I search for some keywords, although the latest listings seem fine.

Pegasus Directory View Website

+Type: Free/Paid
On-page SEO: High
Backlinks: 118,000
Age: 5 Years
Page Rank: 3

Well maintained directory and will give your website a quailty backlink. Nice template design and all links are dofollow.
-There lifetime link charge is a bit pricey and the free listings will eventually get accepted if your site is above average.

Vision Web Directory View Website

+Type: Free
On-page SEO: Medium
Backlinks: 326
Age: 3 Years
Page Rank: 2

I like the design of this directory and it is mobile friendly except for the banner ad at the top that overlaps when you view on mobile. All listings get there own details page and the links seem to be dofollow.
-The last listing added to this directory was 6 months ago, it may have changed since I looked at it, so it could be just a black hole. They have a big problem with spammy and duplicate descriptions. For such a nice looking directory its a shame for it to go the garbage route.

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