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Best 5 Free Content Management Systems (CMS) in the World!

Jul 8, 2016 - Scripts / Free Services Whether your creating a simple website or an advanced website with a shop or even a forum, most of the CMSs listed below will sort you out. They all got 1-click updates and extension/plugin installs which is handy. Here is the pros and cons of the the top 5 free Content Management Systems (CMS) in the World!

Joomla! CMS View Website

+Easy enough to install and configure. The back-end is simple to understand even for noobies. They are frequently releasing security updates and their community and support is very good. The extensions are many and come in paid and free form, most are well made and you can transform your Joomla website into nearly anything from a basic website, a blog, forum, classified ads, a website or an article directory. Joomla offers allot of scope for creating a complex yet simple to use website without too much of a learning curb. Working with the code to create your own modules, plugins..etc I found a bit confusing but as you go along it grows on you. Good performance all round.
-You got to be careful when installing third party extensions as they could cause a security vulnerability or could zap your web server of its power and cause problems like server crashes, errors and what not. The performance is good all round but they can certainly do better by not bloating it with un needed features. Depending on what type of website you want to run, the reality with any CMS is that you will have to get your hands dirty in regards to coding unless you like to pay others to do it for you. Also you will hear allot of people say “don't hack the core” but I say if you really have too, go for it, just keep a log of your changes so you know what files to modify when they get overwritten by an update.

Drupal CMS View Website

+Probably the most powerful CMS on the planet in terms of scalability and scope. They have a large helpful support base and it is well maintained with security updates. The extensions available are many and are free and paid. If you want a really fast scalable website and you are good at coding then this is for you. I guess this would be the professional coders CMS of choice...
-...because it isn't noob friendly. If your coding level is low or non existent then be warned this is very complex to use. The back-end was one the worst experiences I had, trying to navigate my way round was a nightmare. The only reason it's number 2 is because even though I don't fancy working with it I know allot people say its the best on many levels like speed, security and scalability, and most likely it is.

Concrete5 CMS View Website

+Known for its lightning speed especially coupled with varnish or apc, Concrete5 offers a flexible alternative from the big 3. Easy to install and its backend is simple to use and like the the big 3 it has 1 click installations for plugins. They have a good set of SEO tools out of the box.
-Even though they have a good amount of plugins, they do lack in some popular plugin types like classified ads. There community is small but the support is still good but you may have to wait a little longer to get your question answered.

Subrion Open Source CMS View Website

+Fast and easy enough to use Subrion has many things going for it, including lovely looking templates. The installation process is straight forward and all their default templates are responsive as you would come to expect from any CMS these days. Their CMS comes with good SEO friendly urls and other SEO tools like sitemaps. They have good support and offer custom development if you cant find what your looking for from their plugin list...
-...because even though they have some nice plugins, all the big ones such as Web directory or Yellow pages are premium and developed in-house, and I must say some of them are quiet expensive and others are reasonably priced. I think anyone using this CMS will end up paying money for something.

Wordpress CMS View Website

+This more or less started out as a blogging platform and is one of the most popular choices to use as a CMS to date. Like Joomla and Drupal there are many extensions available to transform this blogging platform into something more advanced yet simple to use. I guess your wondering why its not number 1, well....
-….my experience with this CMS was quiet poor. I bought a very popular third party plugin to set-up a particular type of website and I was shocked to see that some pages were pulling in over 100 Mysql queries. I know it isn't the amount of queries that causes the problems, its the query speed. But I heard it said that anything under 50 queries is the aim per page. Other then that the amount of queries without plugins is good. I didn’t particularly like the back-end even though its supposedly the easiest one to use. I found the plugin coding to be complex and hard to understand. If your making something small use Wordress and if your making something that requires more features and future scalability use Joomla or Drupal.

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