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Top Cryptocurrency Forum List 2018

Aug 9, 2018 - Forums and Chat / Free Services Cryptocurrency is a tough nut to crack not only are you taking the chance with your money but the whole buying of coins is extra complex. You need Cryptocurrency forums to help you in your pursuit of taking a chance on Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Talk View Website

#1 was one of the first Cryptocurrency communities to emerge during the Bitcoin era. It has vast amount of members and offer users a friendly place to chat and ask advice.
-Simple machines is a great forum, but I think the forum theme looks a bit outdated, but who cares when you’re the most popular Cryptocurrency community.

Cryptocurrency Talk View Website

+Currently this forum has over 80k members and provides a good user experience using the invision board as their foundation. Nice, friendly community.
-Can’t say much about the negatives.

Crypto Compare View Website

+Not only is this a very popular forum it also provides great informative pages about wallets, exchanges, coin top lists and allot more. Very cool looking template and it is easy to use.
-I don’t think this follows the rules of the “forum” structure, as they don’t allow you to create topics, they only allow comments on mass premade mass topics. But new is good.

Crypto Rum View Website

+Medium sized forum that as friendly community and I think they use Xenforo which is a great forum script.
-Not as many members as the above ones but it’s getting there.

Cryptocurrency Forum View Website

+Good domain name that is easy enough to remember. Small community that offers a place for new coins to announce their existence as well as place a for new investors to ask questions.
-Small right now but has potential to grow if given a chance.

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