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Top 3 Free Forum/Discussion Board Scripts not Including Phpbb3 or SMF

Jul 15, 2016 - Forums and Chat / Free Services Some of the best forum discussion board scripts that you may not of even heard of but may be equal or better then some of the best free and paid forum scripts.

Vanilla Forums View Website

+Quick Installation and easy to use backend. The backend sort of reminds of Wordpress admin a bit. In terms of the frontend, Vanilla Forums has ditched the usual forum look and has given it a good shake up but the generic forum look is still available by changing options in the backend. Addons are available on the official website, as well as some nice themes, which are all free. There are even some free premium type addons like market place and premium accounts. Performance wise, it is fast and light and not heavy on mysql queries per page, I believe it is like 10 or 15 or something tiny like that. I ask myself, how this can be free because it is a great quality forum script with so much potential, its like a cross between Xenforo (frontend) and Wordpress (backend). Great community that can help you out if you need some advice.

Performance: Fast

Profiles: Yes

Addons: Many
-Some of the really cool add-ons are only available to users who purchase a hosting plan with the provider. Will take time to understand the code used but not as hard as something like PHPBB3.

MyBB View Website

+This broad would be similar to SMF. It comes packed with the usual stuff you would expect in a forum script, like profiles, quoting, emos, pms, polls and much more. The admin backend is easy enough to use, it is similar to Phpbb3. MyBB offers a merge system where you can convert your Phpbb3, Vanilla, Xenforo and other popular message board database to MyBB. Good community support and good amount of extensions are available to download and install. It is mobile responsive out of the box...
-...but it uses tables instead of divs, which can be a slight bit slower loading than divs.

XMB Forums View Website

+XMB stands for Xtreme Message Board. Provides good performance and comes with user ranking, profiles, RSS and many other basic features. There is also a good amount of modules and themes available to download for free. Mobile friendly.
-Tables are used in the forum layout. There main website looks very basic compared to some other free forum scripts but that siad everything is where it should be and it is easily navigated.

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